Free dating dk Lejre

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Free dating dk Lejre
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It holds collections of intangible heritage resources and provides an interpretation of how people lived and acted in the past; this is accomplished according to sound scientific methods for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment of its visitors.

Català: Museus arqueòlogic a l’aire lliure Česky: Deutsch: Archäologische Freilichtmuseen Español: Museos arqueológico al aire libre Français: Italiano: Lietuvių: Nederlands: archeologische openluchtmusea Norsk: Arkeologisk friluftsmuseer Polski: Português: museus ao ar livre Română: Русский: Suomi: "Period from about 500BC to the early centuries AD, occurring after the Bronze Age, and marked by the widespread use of iron or steel.

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Catala: arqueologia experimental Česky: experimentální archeologie Deutsch: Experimentelle Archäologie Español: arqueología experimental Français: archéologie expérimentale Italiano: archeologia sperimentale Latviešu: eksperimentālā arheoloģija Lietuvių: eksperimentinė archeologija Nederlands: experimentele archeologie Norsk: eksperimentell arkeologi Polski: archeologia eksperymentalna - archeologia doświadczalna Português: arqueologia experimental Română: arheologie experimentală Русский: экспериментальная археология Suomi: kokeellinen arkeologia "A trial activity carried out in order to test a theory. Definition source Wikipedia Catala: edat del ferro Česky: Deutsch: Eisenzeit Español: edad del hierro Français: âge de fer Italiano: etá del ferro Latviešu: dzelzs laikmets Lietuvių: Nederlands: ijzertijd Norsk: jernalderen Polski: Português: idade do ferro Română: epoca fierului Русский: Suomi: "The visible features of an area of land, including mountains, hills and rivers, vegetation, land use, buildings, as well as elements such as weather conditions. Lejre is famous for attracting experimental specialists from Denmark and beyond; both new talent and existing leading experimentalists are linked to Lejre by their “research grant”: for executing experimental research at Lejre itself.

Definition source: Chambers 21st Century Dictionary Catala: experiment Česky: Deutsch: Experiment Español: experimento Français: Italiano: esperimento Latviešu: eksperiments Lietuvių: Nederlands: experiment Norsk: eksperiment Polski: Português: experiência Română: experienţă, experiment Русский: Suomi: "1. Definition source Wikipedia Catala: paisatge Česky: Deutsch: Landschaft Español: paisaje Français: Italiano: paesaggio Latviešu: ainava Lietuvių: Nederlands: landschap Norsk: landskap Polski: Português: paisagem Română: peisaj Русский: Suomi: "1. These experiments are a point of interest for the Summer visitors.

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